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Baseline Assessments

Baseline Assesment

What is a baseline assessment?

A baseline assessment is when we conduct a assessment on your place of work to measure your environmental impacts. It will cover things such as your environmental awareness, pollution risk and legal requirements. In total we will assess 18 different aspects of your business. It usually takes around 1 hour but can be longer if your business is large or has multiple sites.

Why do it?

The point of a baseline assessment is to identify areas for improvement. The assessment is not done on a pass or fail basis it is purely so that you can identify things which could be improved. When we give you the results we will also give you suggestions on the ways which you could go about improving your environmental efficiency, helping you to save money.

Who is it for?

Baseline assessments are for everyone. It doesn't matter how big or small your business is, if you are looking to improve environmentally a baseline assessment is the ideal way to start. 

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