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We can offer advice on environmental issues that may arise in your business, help solve problems, improve efficiency and explore options to help you start new projects.

The Green Ticks Scheme

A Tailor Made Environmental Management System (EMS)

What is an EMS?

An EMS is a set of process and practices that enable an organisation to measure and reduce it's environmental impact in a clear and controlled way. Every organisation is different and so EMS's are specifically tailored to each organisation, no two are the same. A EMS will always begin by ensuring that the legal aspects of running a business are met before moving on to reducing emissions and costs for the organisation.

What are the benefits?                                                    Green Ticks Registered Logo

  • Reduce Costs
    Your business can save money by gathering data in areas such as energy usage, waste disposal and water consumption, enabling you to identify ways to reduce them.
  • Boost Competitiveness
    Most tenders will require that your organisation has more than just an environmental policy. 
    Procurers are now seeking to work with companies that have formally accredited environmental management systems.
  • Enhance Customer Perception
    Customers are practical when it comes to choosing ethical and environmentally responsible companies, having an accredited EMS demonstrates a strong commitment towards safeguarding the environment.
  • Meet Supply Chain Obligations
    Large organisations no longer ignore the environmental credentials of their supply chain. 
    They encourage and expect their suppliers to hold an accredited EMS.

What is Green Ticks?

Green Ticks is the name of scheme that Bright Green Business has devised to support and assist you in achieving an environmental management system (EMS). During this process Bright Green will walk you through every step of the EMS, checking all legislation and environmental issues that relate to your business.

Bright Green will also produce all the necessary documentation and ensure that the process is as easy and efficient as possible. 

The Green Ticks Scheme is the only UKAS accredited programme in Scotland, supporting organisations in implementing an environmental management system – the British Standard, BS 8555:2016. The British Standard is recognised by businesses and funding bodies throughout the UK and Ireland. It is a highly respected accreditation that will highlight and formally recognise your commitment to the environment. 

Bright Green will ensure your business is totally compliant with legislation and as environmentally efficient as possible before arranging an inspection by Tarian. Tarian are our accredited inspection partners who do the assessment and award the accreditation.



The Business Partnership are delighted to have passed our re-inspection for BS8555 Phase 5 Green Ticks Scheme.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Elaine Brown, is thrilled!


How does it work?

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Register your interest and get in touch with the BGB team.

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Meet the BGB team to discuss process and contract agreement

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BGB will conduct an environmental review and set up documents

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Tarian will carry out the inspection and award accreditation

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