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Midlothian Council are looking for a veteran candidate, or veteran family member or wife, to work as a Travel Coordinator over an 8 week period.

Midlothian Council currently operates around 235 owned vehicles and at any one time up to 50 vehicles are hired to cover seasonal or additional work requirements. The types of vehicles range from cars and small vans up to 32 tonne LGVs. Midlothian Council has a carbon reduction plan in place which requires a minimum of 3% year on year reduction in carbon emissions across all sectors of the council.


The project is to look critically at business travel within Midlothian Council. The aim of this project is to steer employees towards using more sustainable modes of transport and away from using their own vehicles.

The project will require a mix of desk based research, analysis, and report writing as well as face to face interviews and discussion with managers, supervisors, accountants and vehicle users across Midlothian Council’s various services.

The successful candidate will lead in interpreting all the data and information currently available. Additionally, they will use appropriate research methods to design questionnaires or seek additional information to gain a better understanding of employee travel trends and identify any barriers. The candidate will draw from their findings to help implement new measures on travel.

The candidate will be required to engage with employees and promote alternative business travel options such as pool cars, public transport, electric cars and bikes. You will be expected to develop and provide alternative options for staff. This may involve assisting in electric vehicle training for staff.

The Candidate

The candidate must be able to effectively communicate and engage with Midlothian Council employees. The candidate must be able to work independently and use their initiative. They will engage with employees one-to-one as well as  groups.

It is important that the candidate has strong analytical and research skills. An understanding of travel and behaviour change would be an advantage.

IT skills are essential as the candidate will be required to use Word, Excel and Outlook.

A full driving license will be essential for the role.