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What does EPP stand for?

Environmental Placement Programme.

How long are placements?

Our placements are between 8 and 12 weeks.

Are the placements paid?

Yes, all of our placements are paid the National Living Wage, currently £9.00/hr.

When is the best time to apply?

We run placements all year round but the number of available roles varies.

Do you offer summer placements?

Yes. If you want to do a placement during the summer, we recommend you start checking our job board around two months before your ideal start date. Bear in mind that during the summer, there may be more applicants than usual. 

When will I hear back?

The time it takes to process applications can vary. Generally, you can expect to hear back within approximately two after the deadline.

Do I need to submit a cover letter?

Unless specified, we only require your CV.

Can I do a placement while studying?

The majority of placements are full-time and thus cannot be completed in conjunction with classes and course work.

How long after graduating am I still eligible for applying for placements?

You can apply within three years after graduation.


No P45 will be issued for EPP placements as the 12 week payment is purely a training allowance for out of pocket expenses and you do not pay tax or NI


Timesheet must be with submitted no later than 5pm Monday (to allow payment processing on Tuesday morning). It is the students responsibility to remember to send their timesheets on time and failure to do so will result in payment not being made until the following Friday.

Timesheet signing

Timesheets must be validated /signed by your supervisor

If the immediate supervisor isn’t available to sign off then ask someone else in authority to confirm the hours worked. If no one is available to sign then send it to us anyway letting us know that a signed copy will follow later.

How does it work?


Submit a short application for the placement of your choice.


Once the application deadline has passed you will be contacted if you are shortlisted for an interview.


Attend the interview.

Job Offer

After the interview you may be offered a paid placement with one of our fantastic partners.

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