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As an employer, how will my business or organisation benefit?

All our placements are low risk, flexible and are an excellent way to engage with prospective employees. It is an opportunity to bring in new skills, a fresh outlook and limitless enthusiasm to help your business succeed. We support you throughout the recruitment process and take care of payroll.

How much does it cost?

The costs vary depending on the programme and the size of your business. For more information about costs please email us at bright@thebusinesspartnership.org.uk 

What programmes do you have to offer?

We offer two programmes which are both aimed at helping advance any project which you may not have had the time to do, but that is important to your business. The types of projects could range from implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) or engaging with other staff members about recycling or active travel to helping with research or administration.

How does it work?

Once you have decided on the programme, we will help you pull together a project specification and then source the students and graduates to carry it out for you. The best bit is you get to choose the person who works with you. We will send a shortlist four or five candidates who we believe fit the profile, we then hand it over to you to interview and select your candidate.

Which programme is right for my business?

Environmental Placement Programme (EPP)

Placed students and graduates undertake projects with an environmental focus in businesses and organisations across Scotland.

Early Career Programme

Placed students and graduates carry out project-based work experience for the host company in a number of different disciplines.


Procedure for Adverse Weather Conditions ‘ Snow Days’

There is case law to the effect that if an employee’s failure to return to work is unavoidable then they may still be entitled to be paid. Further, if the employee is ready and willing to perform work, but is stopped by the employer through the closure of the premises, then the matter becomes more complex.

Bearing in mind the “do not travel” advice, The Business Partnership has put in place measures to ensure that we are not putting excess pressure on employees. Flexibility is the key. There are alternatives which TBP, in discussion with employees, may consider, these are:

Paying employees in return for their agreement that they will make up the time on their return
agreeing with the employee that they will take the time off as paid holiday
where facilities exist, allowing the employee to work from home.
In short, we should pay student on placement but host company can adopt the strategies outlined 1.e work from home, make time up etc



How does it work?

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Decide on your placement and submit it to us.

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We will advertise and pass on the applicants to you.

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We will facilitate interviews between yourself and the applicant.

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Job Offer

You choose your preferred applicant and we will produce a contract and formally offer the position.

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