Dhiah - Sustainable Transport Assistant

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Dhiah - Sustainable Transport Assistant

Case Study: Dhiah, Sustainable Transport Assistant at the Scottish Parliament .

Dhiah was named Most Enterprising Green Graduate 2016 at the annual EPP Awards Ceremony. Her role involved designing a sustainable travel plan for Scottish Parliament staff and visitors. Her ‘bee’ inspired Travel Plan gave Dhiah experience of applying her knowledge in a professional environment. Fresh from completing her Master’s Degree in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh, Dhiah calculated carbon emissions from business travel, helped identify travel patterns and provided the Scottish Parliament with options for more sustainable and lower carbon travel.

Graduate Quote

“This placement has been an awesome experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to work with the Scottish Parliament and do an interesting project - preparing a sustainable travel plan for the Parliament. The project that I worked on allowed me to learn new things, apply knowledge I learnt on my Master’s programme, and improve my personal and management skills. I don't think this opportunity would have been possible without the Environment Placement Programme.”

Employer Quote

“Dhiah was extremely professional throughout the project, working on her own with little management needed. She was able to review best practice and use existing templates to develop the plan, which was exactly what was required. The standard of work produced was of an extremely high standard, and several senior managers have commented on Dhiah’s excellent presentation skills”. 

Victoria Barby - Supervisor and Environmental Performance Manager