Beyond Green & the Arena17


Beyond Green & the Arena17

Lunch, Listen and Learn Webinar.

30th April at 1300


Come and joins us for a laid back discussion with our environmentally committed members Beyond Green! 


From Beyond Green: 'Beyond Green is dedicated to helping organisations become more sustainable. We save your business operational costs while reducing your activities impact on the environment. We will inspire you to take action and support you through the challenges towards a sustainable future. We focus on what’s important to your business: profitability, managing risks and gaining reputation from green credentials. We develop an understanding of your needs and tailor our services to inspire your people to deliver progress that really matters.'


Elaine Brown, Chief Operating Officer of Bright Green Business and Lisa Bertrand, Operations and Communications Director of Beyond Green will be discussing business developments within Beyond Green including the award-winning project 'theArena17'.


Tune in for:

Beyond Green's mission supported by our B Corp certification and recent funding from Innovate UK.

Current trends in the accountancy sector are threatening 80% of the UK practices.

'theArena17': Beyond Green's sustainability platform develop for accountancy firms' added value services. We will discuss what problem the platform will solve and how it can help businesses and accountancy firms.

Collaboration at the core of shaping the tool which will transform the accountancy sector with data.


Join in Here. 'See' you at 1pm on the 30th April 

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