Physical Physics


Physical Physics

Physical Physics

Physical Physics is a family learning experience created by Bright Green Business, running in s secondary schools in term 2 to fit  course choice selection..

This programme offers a comprehensive activity package that will help S2 pupils (especially females) consider the STEAM subjects when it comes to course choices for their National 4 or 5’s. This package will deliver interactive sessions and the opportunity for industry professionals to engage with pupils and their families in order to broaden their understanding and requirements of emerging STEAM fields.

Aims and Objectives:

  •          To understand the context of STEM subjects within the curriculum and how it relates to employability
  •          To provide a fun, hands on, learning experience for families/carers and their children
  •          To encourage more children to study STEM subjects beyond S2 in secondary school
  •          Instilling confidence and resilience in pupils
  •          Raise aspirations


Physical Physics has the vision of broadening the horizons of secondary school pupils prior to their subject choices to encourage the adoption of STEAM subjects and connect the skills gained through study of these subjects to skills needed in the workplace. It will also demonstrate the value of STEAM to parents as well as pupils in the hope to foster supportive home environments for the perusal of STEAM industries. By delivering this programme in an interactive fashion focusing on the ‘soft skills’ gained through the study of STEAM we hope to communicate more effectively with girls in particular who may not consider the STEM environment as a place where they ‘fit in’.


  •        Evaluation of impact at time of course choices, usually in February
  •        Pre-evaluation for all potential attendees
  •        Immediate post evaluations from all attendees
  •        Further evaluation from teaching staff


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