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Mission Statement

Building a Sustainable Future

Bright Green Business is fully committed to providing a quality service whilst maintaining a very high environmental standard.

Our established environmental management system has lead us to reach Phase 5 of the BS 8555:2003. We received our first certificate in March 2013 and have maintained it every since. While we are very proud of this achievement, we continuously strive to improve our social and environmental practices. Alongside this we have an up to date ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.

We also have our Quality Policy available here.

Environmental Policy

The Business Partnership Group and subsidiaries offer a wide range of services to Scottish businesses to support them recruit skilled students and graduates, implement improved environmental practices and extend their business networks. We also have a demonstration centre to exhibit the role that energy efficiency, renewables and hydrogen can play in reducing the future impact of climate change.

Our aim is to make businesses more competitive, more successful and more environmentally aware, helping to create jobs and revenue and maximising our contribution to a successful Scottish economy.

The directors and staff of the Business Partnership Ltd are committed to providing a high quality service which consistently meets our customers’ expectations. We are also committed to:

  • Integrating environmental considerations into all aspects of our work;
  • Protecting the environment and operating in a way to prevent any pollution arising from our activities;
  • Continually improving our own environmental performance.

Consequently, an Environmental Management System has been established to ensure compliance with the requirements of BS 8555:2003. Compliance with this Policy is mandatory for all employees of the Business Partnership Ltd and for this purpose appropriate training is provided to all employees to enable them to implement this Environmental Policy.

As part of our effort to continuously improve our services and environmental performance we have set the following general aims:

  • Establish objectives and targets to support this policy and regularly review them;
  • Investigate measures to reduce our energy and water consumption;
  • Work to recycle and reduce the amount of waste we produce;
  • Strive to reduce car journeys for business use and staff commuting to work by using alternative transport methods and effective travel planning;
  • Comply with legal and other requirements.

In addition to the general objectives detailed above, specific measurable objectives are set by the Chief Executive and communicated to all employees.  These are subject to review during annual Management Review meetings. The Chief Executive is committed to providing the availability of personnel, resources and equipment to ensure these objectives are met.

See our Environmental Policy here: 



We have an established environmental management system and are proud to be a Green Ticks registered organisation at Phase 5 of the BS 8555:2003.